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Patient experience

“In Dental clinic Tomislav Flegar, D.M.D., even the biggest and most complex procedures are performed with such ease. Steady and reliable hand, accompanied with maximal swiftness, are a reassurance for everyone who thinks that a visit to the dentist is an experience which takes psychological preparation for fear suppression.”

“I have used dermal fillers before for smoothing the wrinkles on my face. I also wanted to try the rejuvenation method which uses one's own blood plasma and I'm thrilled with the results. My wrinkles are permanently erased, and my skin looks decades younger and fresher.”

“I had ugly front teeth and it used to bother me for quite some time since I didn't know how to overcome that problem. Doctor Flegar suggested metal-free ceramic dental crowns, which were made in only two days, and now I can keep on smiling forever.“
“Implant placement right after teeth removal and placing teeth on this implant have solved my problem in the shortest period possible. I was terribly afraid of the procedure, but after a talk with doctor Flegar about the procedure I felt reassured and calm. I'm extremely satisfied with all the details of the procedure, painless and without complications, just as doctor Flegar described. Thank you!”
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