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  • Our team

    Tomislav Flegar, Doctor of Dental Medicine, was born on 27th August, 1965 in Zagreb, where he graduated from dental high school. He graduated from the Faculty of Dental medicine in Zagreb with top grades, while during his studies he was an assistant at the Department of Physiology, Department of Dental Morphology and the Department of Prosthetics.

    Since opening his own dental clinic, doctor Flegar has regularly been furthering his knowledge and expertise on various congresses both in Croatia as well as abroad, paying special attention to the fields of dental implants, oral surgery and prosthetics. Since 2006 his primary field of expertise is implant dentistry. In the fields of implant dentistry and oral surgery he works closely with Biotechnology Institute (BTI), also as one of their opinion leaders.

    He is a member of the Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Implant Dentistry Society - CIDS, European Association for Osseointegration –EAO and American Academy of Implant Dentistry – AAID. He regularly publishes general and scientific articles. He approaches every patient individually, professionally and according to their needs and desires. In his professional life doctor Flegar is constantly guided by his desire for further specialization in order to always keep in touch with the state-of-the-art technology and best work methods.

    He is married and has a child. Doctor Flegar loves classical music, especially opera, and his hobbies are tennis and skiing.

    TOMISLAV FLEGAR, dr.med.dent.
  • Our team

    Nikolina Brusek, Doctor of Dental Medicine, was born in1986 in Zagreb. She graduated from the Faculty of Dental medicine in Zagreb in 2012, while during her studies she participated in the project 'Tooth Fairy'.

    She primarily works in the field of aesthetic stomatology, endodontics, paediatric dentistry and prosthetics, while regularly furthering her knowledge and expertise through congresses and workshops at home and abroad.

    Doctor Brusek speaks English and Italian, while her hobby is recreational diving.

    NIKOLINA BRUSEK, dr.med.dent.
  • Our team

    Inda Gauta Mihelčić, dr.med.dent. was born in 1985 in Zadar. She studied at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb, and during her studies she was among the top 20 per cent of the most successful students, while she was also an active participant in the Tooth Fairy project. She graduated in 2009.

    Since graduation she has regularly furthered her education on various lectures and workshops, both in Croatia and abroad. Inda Gauta MIhelčić, dr. med. dent. especially specialized in oral surgery, implant dentistry, parodontology and aesthetic stomatology.

    Doctor Gauta MIhelčić speaks Italian and English, and also uses French.

    She likes travelling and reading, in her free time she does aerobics and diving, and she’s also learning sign language.

  • Our team

    Maja Požeg was born in Zagreb on 14th October, 1988. She graduated from medical high school in Zagreb. Before joining Dental clinic Tomislav Flegar's team, nurse Maja worked in Sveti Duh hospital in Zagreb.

    Young and enthusiastic, nurse Maja regularly specializes through professional courses.

    MAJA POŽEG, nurse - assistant
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