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PRGF - Endoret
PRGF - Endoret® (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors - ENDOgeneus REgenerative Technology) is the newest biotechnology for bone augmentation and expansion, alveolar ridge expansion and better implant osseointegration used instead of former bone augmentation materials.
The procedure itself is very simple and painless. A sample of the patient’s blood is taken at the clinic, from which blood-cells and plasma are separated by centrifugation and fractionation. The patient’s blood plasma is then used to produce augmentation bone material and fibrin membrane, used to cover the location of implant or augmentation.
The difference and improvement from other fibrin membrane production methods is that with Endoret procedure the blood cells, leukocytes, are extracted from the plasma so there is no inflammatory reaction. Moreover, Endoret procedure keeps the patient’s own factors and growth hormones in the plasma, optimising the otherwise lacking ‘artificial bone’ and collagen membranes.
A special method of preparation of the implant location through ‘biological drilling’ by which undamaged patient’s bone, keeping all attributes of ‘live’ bone at the preparation location, is mixed with the patient’s plasma, creating the best possible bone augmentation material. This biotechnology has found a large variety of applications in dental medicine, especially oral surgery; while we use it in implant procedures, for bone and soft tissue augmentation, alveolar ridge expansion, apicoectomy, covering the wound after tooth withdrawal, paradontological procedures and for permanent rejuvenation treatments.

Biotechnology Institute andDoctorEduardo Anitua, who discovered it 20 years ago, have since perfected this biomedical procedure to the incredible level of 99.9 per cent efficiency of implantation. This biotechnology’s efficacy if further proven by positive outcomes of the knee treatment of Rafael Nadal, one of the best players in the world, as well as many famous football players (Real, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Porto) who were treated by this very biotechnology, which is also used in sports medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

Dental clinic Tomislav Flegar, D.M.D., is a certified BTI clinic with PRGF - Endoret® biotechnology application certificates.
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