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Preservation and prevention
In dental clinic Tomislav Flegar, D.M.D., since 1995 we have been doing aesthetical composite fillings by using top-rated materials. Our vast experience in using composite materials, since the last years of my study programme (as I wrote my thesis precisely on the topic of composite materials), and almost a hundred percent success in working with composite fillings is what helps us remove patients' misconceptions that 'amalgam filling is stronger than white filling' and that 'teeth hurt under a white filling'?! Amalgam filling is a thing of the past and it is unnecessary to even discuss why it is not used in our clinic.

We do completely painless root canal treatment i.e. endodontic procedures with the use of local anaesthesia and apex locator, the only instrument which can completely precisely measure the length of root canal, and a special machine for cleaning root canals, all necessary preconditions for excellent-quality treatment. A well-treated tooth can one day serve as an anchor for a dental prosthesis.

Tartar and dental plaque can cause numerous dental problems. By regular cleaning of tartar it is possible to avoid numerous problems connected to supporting tissues, such as inflammations, bleeding from the gums, bone loss or gums withdrawal, which can all lead to teeth getting loos or tooth loss. Tartar removal by an ultrasonic instrument and sandblasting of teeth are painless procedures which should be done at least twice a year, keeping your supporting tissue healthy and your smile nicer and brighter.
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