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Dental implants are bolts which are inserted into the patient's jaw. They are made of titanium, while their surface is treated witha variety of methods, from bombarding the surface with ions of various gasses up to calcium ions, all for better accretion of implant with the surrounding bone. Modern implants, made by renowned producers, the only ones we use, have differently shaped parts enhancing excellent accretion with the surrounding bone i.e. SUCCESSFUL IMPLANTATION. Each implant has its own serial number and declaration, which are given to the patient after the implantation. Sometimes implant procedures need adding of a part of a bone i.e. AUGMENTATION. An implant can be placed almost always, with the right choice of augmentation techniquei.e. the best and the safest for the patient. We use all known augmentation techniques, including using the patient's plasma with retained factors and growth hormones, as the most natural and the best material possible. A computer programme for planning implant procedures, first-class implant, knowledge, responsible approach and the use of all implantation and augmentation techniques and protocols, the use of the state-of-the-art biotechnology and its scientific background described in over 150 scientific articles, modern equipment, twenty years of work experience, constant education of dentists and close collaboration with the Biotechnology Institute are what we consider to be the precondition for a successful outcome in even the most complex cases. Since dental implants supplement natural tooth root, they are a state-of-the-art solution for replacing a single tooth or a completely toothless jaw.
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