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Immediate implant placement and loading

Sometimes immediate tooth removal and implant placement is possible. This significantly shortens the waiting period between tooth removal and possible implant placement at the same location, which substantially shortens the duration of the whole therapy. For this, certain conditions have to be met, such as atraumatic tooth extraction to preserve the bone, inflammation-free location with enough 'healthy' bone, as well as positive anatomical situation.

Modern methods in diagnostics, such as CBCT scans and computer programmes for planning the implant placement, making the model to help with the implant placement; modern equipment and technology, including PRGF - Endoret® biotechnology; permanent education and vast experience – all these are our strengths in these kinds of procedures, leading to predictable and satisfactory end result.

Furthermore, sometimes it is possible to load implant which has just been placed. This kind of procedures are usually done in the aesthetic part of the oral cavity, when it is completely unacceptable for the patient to remain toothless all throughout the period of implant accretion. In those cases special abutments are used to provide extraordinary aesthetic results immediately after the implant placement, as well as correct force transfer on the freshly placed implant, in order to insure the success of implant-prosthetic therapy.
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