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Dental implant placement procedure

Dental implant is a titanium bolt which is placed into the jaw bone by a simple and completely painless procedure. It is a state-of-the-art procedure for replacing a single tooth or a completely toothless jaw.

In Dental clinic Tomislav Flegar, D.M.D., we use BTI (Biotechnology Institute, web address: bt-biotechnologyinstitute.com) implants, the placement of which is a bit different than the placement of all other implants. In the procedure we use microsurgical technique and material made of the patient's blood plasma, with retained factors and growth hormones, which further enhances the accretion of implant with the surrounding bone.

The procedure of implant placement and making a prosthetic tooth replacement is done in several phases:

1. Dental check-up and referring to CBCT scan – the dentist listens to the patient’s wishes, motives, capabilities and expectations. General physical condition of the patient is also discussed and the patient is introduced to the implant placing procedure. CBCT scan is highly important in planning implant therapy since it is the only kind of scan allowing a three-dimensional image, which is necessary for competent top-quality therapy plan.

2. CBCT scan analysis, therapy plan and professional quote – CBCT scan is opened in a special computer programme which enables us to see all anatomy structures, the height and width of the bones, and most importantly it measures the density i.e. quality of the bones. Once the therapy plan is made, a professional quote is added up.

3. Implant placement – first the patient’s blood is taken in the clinic, followed by local anaesthesia at the implant placement location. When the anaesthetic takes action a small cut is made in the patient’s gums in order to reach the bone. The bone is then biologically drilled with specially designed instruments, at low speed and without flushing so that a completely biologically preserved bone is left at the preparation location. The location is then flushed with the patient’s blood plasma, as is the surface of implant, which is then placed in the bone, and afterwards gums are sewed up with microscopic needle and thread.

4. Abutment placement – after the accretion of the implant with the surrounding bone and when the gums are shaped, a titanium or zirconia abutment is placed on the implant, onto which a dental crown is placed.
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