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Teeth in one day ("All on four, All on six")

It is a system based on four to six implants in either upper or lower jawbone which, by the use of special abutments and cylinders, a so called 'hybrid bridge' is fixed onto in the same day or at the most within 36 hours after the placing of the implants. This system allows avoiding anatomic structures which could otherwise be an impediment in implant placement, or to be more precise it allows the placing of implants without big surgeries of sinus lift or bone augmentation.

On the day of the surgery the patient arrives at the clinic in the morning, where he/she is given local anaesthesia and sometimes also conscious sedation, which helps to endure the few hours of surgery more easily. After the patient is given anaesthesia, the implants are placed. While placing the implants their stability is of primary importance since they need to be able to sustain pressure immediately after they are placed. Later on special abutments are placed, allowing the optimal transmission of forces on the freshly placed implants as well as fixing the hybrid dental bridge with screws. Afterwards gum is sewed-up and the patient's dental impression is made. Throughout the day the patient visits the clinic several times for the various stages of prosthetic work on the prototype of the hybrid dental bridge fixed by screws, a temporary prosthesis meant to be worn for 3 – 6 months before a permanent dental bridge is fixed with screws onto the implants. The screw hole is then filledwith dental composite, leaving its location completely unnoticeable and fully integrated in the whole of the prosthetic work.

When it comes to the permanent bridge, more attention is given to aesthetics and the already osseointegrated implants' ability to sustain full pressure. It is particularly convenient for the patient that while the permanent one is being made they are able to wear the temporary bridge in their mouth, which is removed and placed back at every check-up, allowing them to function normally.

The permanent work can be made in metal-ceramic, zirconia-ceramic or acrylic, and by the use of CAD-CAM technology while using the same materials.

The advantages of this kind of dental work are numerous, while for patients the main advantage is that the toothless jaw is supplied with fixed teeth in a single day, avoiding the waiting period of 3-6 months as in 'classical' implant placement.

In conclusion, it is the state of the art technically highly sophisticated procedure which allows high-end aesthetical and functional results in a short time-span of around twelve hours. Highly sophisticated procedures such as CBCT scans, computer programmes for planning the procedure, making the model to help with the implant placement, modern equipment, reliable implant placement systems, application of all experience-based knowledge and techniques, as well as partnership with an educated dental technician, all make an augmentation with permanent prosthetics and excellent functional and aesthetical results a reality.
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