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Anti - Ageing
PRGF - Endoret® anti-ageing treatment is a prevention procedure which slows down the ageing process, suitable for persons of 35 years and older; and as a regeneration and correction procedure for persons of 45 years and older. There are no contradictions to this procedure, which is also suitable for pregnant women. It is compatible with other aesthetical and correction treatments since there is no recorded negative interaction with any other substance used in these kinds of treatments. Furthermore, sometimes it is advisable to use PRGF - Endoret®® together with other fillers in order to enhance the volume of a certain area.

The effects of PRGF - Endoret® are progressive and visible already after 24 hours after the first application, while the smoothness and freshness of the skin are increased by every new treatment. During the first stage of the therapy it is advisable to do three treatments in the span of three months. The therapy is individually personalised to each patient, while after the initial treatment it takes one to three treatments per year, according to the skin's age, for the maintenance of the desired look.

The treatment is completely painless and takes around one hour. In the clinic the patient's blood is taken, then through the process of centrifugation blood cells erythrocytes and leucocytes are separated from the plasma. The separation of leucocytes from the plasma reduces inflammations to the level of almost impossible. PRGF - Endoret® is the only method where the patient's own plasma cleared of leucocytes is used, and therefore it is the only EU and FDA certified method. Apart from the separation of blood cells, centrifugation also produces two fractions of plasma which contain their own hormones and growth factor. After the blood is taken, the area of application is anaesthetised with anaesthetic cream, and after a few minutes the fraction of plasma is inserted through micro-needles.

The results of PRGF - Endoret® therapy are increased consistency of the skin, reduction of wrinkles, better moisturising and fresher and brighter look, bio-stimulation of the treated area, production of new collagen, better blood supply and the creation of its own hyaluronic acid. What is more, there are no changes in the patient's facial expression, no inflammatory reactions, and the patient is able to continue his/her regular activities only a few hours after the procedure.

Tomislav Flegar, doctor of dental medicine, the owner of Dental clinic Tomislav Flegar, D.M.D., which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015, is one of the first certified users of PRGF - Endoret® biotechnology for implant, surgical and periodontal procedures, as well as anti-ageing therapy.
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