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Aesthetic stomatology
To have a hollywood smile? Of course it is possible,through the procedures which are part of aesthetic dental work and which cover:


Tooth bleaching is a procedure which, by the use of certain chemicals,significantly whitens the colour of teeth. The procedure takes around half an hour and is completely painless. Tooth bleaching makes the patients extremely satisfied since the results are instantly visible and long-lasting.


When individual teeth which have changed colour for whatever reason or if their shape is not to the patient's liking, while they are still significantly healthy, veneers are the solution. When veneers are placed teeth are significantly preserved as it is only the front side of the tooth which is ground. Veneers are made of metal-free ceramics and look identical to the natural tooth.


If the patient is missing one or two teeth, they can be replaced by classic dental bridge when neighbouring teeth are used as supports, or by placing an implant as a support for a single tooth or a dental bridge. Modern kinds of ceramic, such as zircon ceramic and metal-free ceramic, have all attributes for perfect functioning as well as full aesthetics.

When all these procedures are combined the result is the perfect Hollywood smile which most of us desire.
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